Session #7: Brand Rehab – Reconnecting With Consumers To Rescue Struggling Brands

Friday, February 21, 2014
3:45pm - 4:40pm


Brands work very hard at creating strong, established and profitable relationships with their consumers.  However, as with many relationships, after some time, there can be signs of strain. Simpy talking this through using traditional qualitative methods is not always enough to restore the deep connection between consumer and brand; sometimes both parties need to participate in deeper therapy, and this is where Brand Rehab comes in.

Leveraging techniques borrowed from the world of psychotherapy, Brand Rehab effectively breaks through surface emotions to get at deep-rooted connections using customized and creative approaches to interviewing that go beyond standard projectives and approaches.

The results lead to recommendations on how a brand can re-connect with their consumers, not just in a strategic way, but more importantly, in an emotionally strategic way – something other techniques are just not equipped to achieve. 

Emotional strategy from Brand Rehab leads to better understanding of the brand’s relationship with the consumer, how the consumer views the category and the consumer’s broader world view.  These elements are combined into an Emotional Strategy Matrix that gives clients a roadmap to rekindling that special relationship they previously held with their consumers.