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Naomi Henderson

RIVA Market Research, RIVA Training Institute

  • 48 years in research in general, 34 years specializing in qualitative market research
  • More than 6,000 focus groups conducted to date; interviewed over 55,000 respondents in groups, triads, dyads and IDIs since 1978
  • Extensive national client work in the following qualitative market research areas:
    1. New product research for major food and beverage manufacturers, apparel makers, catalogue retailers, automotive and transportation industries, health and personal care products, media providers, financial services and telecommunications.
    2. Print and electronic media advertising research, brochure and copy testing, market research studies for ad agencies, product manufacturers, social science firms, trade associations, government and non-profits.
    3. Consumer/member perception and image studies for financial institutions, associations, schools, and government agencies.
    4. Specialized topics related to women’s issues; minority consumers; voter concerns, health issues [e.g., AIDS, breast cancer, smoking, teen pregnancy, heart, diabetes, etc.] and social issues such as welfare and workplace diversity.
  • Co-developer of the RIVA Training Institute [RTI] and the “RIVA Method.”  The Institute has trained over 7,500 researchers since 1981 in more than 700 classes.
  • Founder and owner of RIVA; corporate president from 1978-1992; CEO since 1993
  • Trainer, lecturer, and author in qualitative market research field since 1981 – Currently author quarterly column for AMA Marketing Research Journal: “Qualitative Reflections”, in 2011. As well she is a blogger atrivamrti@wordpress.com andsecretsofamastermoderator@wordpres.com and twits atrivainc@twitter.co
  • Faculty member – IWWG Workshop Program, Skidmore College since 1996
  • Motivational speaker on topics related to women, stress, weight loss, starting a business, dealing with loss, grief and failure, the art of “regrouping,” journaling and private writing [TV appearances include Today Show, Dateline, Discovery, and PBS]
  • BA and M.Ed. in Education & Psychology, American University, Wash. D.C.; adjunct professor at Georgetown University
  • Licensed NeuroLinguistic Programming [NLP] Practitioner.  NLP techniques accelerate behavioral data collection via verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Member of:

Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA)
American Marketing Association (AMA)
International Women Writers Guild (IWWG) –Board 
National Association of Female Executives (NAFE)
Pharmaceutical Market Research Group (PMRG) 
Who’s Who of American Women – 1983-CURRENT


1981: Certificate of Completion/Awarded Practitioner Status:  NeuroLinguistic Programming 
This was the last course taught by the founders:  Bandler and Grinder. This training provides Henderson with an additional body of skills in using eye-accessing cues, and specific techniques such as anchoring, pacing/leading, and change history procedures. The value of NLP in qualitative research is how it provides access to more than top-of-mind answers by “inviting” respondents to share deeper and deeper levels of their thinking.

1989: Certificate of Completion/Foundations Course: Creative Problem Solving Institute
This course, held annually in Buffalo NY at SUNY, provides clear instruction in the Osborne-Parnes model of creative problem solving.  This course provides clear techniques to harness the power of convergent and divergent thinking in such a way as to open up new channels to find answers, insights and solutions to problems, challenges and issues.  It has been a useful tool in qualitative research since it allows the moderator to step outside conventional techniques and create new tools for accessing POBAs [perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes.]

1999: Certificate of Completion: Synectics Institute
This course, offered in Boston, MA is predicated on the tenets of both the Osborne-Parnes model of creative problem solving, as well as cutting edge techniques grouped loosely under the umbrella called “brainstorming.”  The value of the course is in its infinite adaptability to a variety of situations.  The value in facilitated sessions is that it allows solutions and insights to be generated that are not ego driven but problem driven.

From 1964- Present 
Undergraduate and graduate level courses [some in degree programs and some as audit programs] on group dynamics, psychology, and sociology.  It is Ms. Henderson’s practice to enroll in a “work related course” every two years to keep her research and personal skills fresh.

From 1978 – Present 
Conducted over 6,000 focus groups, interviewed over 55,000 respondents in full groups, mini-groups and IDIs.  Created RIVA Training Institute to provide tools and techniques for emerging and vested moderators in the qualitative arena.

2011: Published “Secrets of a Master Moderator” – A 350 page book covering 30 years of collected market research wisdom. – Can be purchased by logging on to www.secretsofamastermoderator.com