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Isabelle Landreville, M.Sc.

Senior Partner, Sylvestre Marketing

Isabelle Landreville, M.Sc., Senior Partner at Sylvestre Marketing (SM) was born and raised in Ottawa where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. She then pursued qualitative marketing research at ESCP Europe in Paris.

A qualitative researcher since 1999, she started her career as an ethnographer working across North America and Europe.

She joined Sylvestre Marketing in 2005 where she successfully took on projects spanning from extensive ethnography with Canadian women to better understand their lifestyle, creative assessment in the US with teenagers and young adults to online discussion groups with young male adults on energy drinks. 

Named Senior Partner in 2010, she continues to uncover meaningful insights through contextualization and by engaging respondents where they feel more comfortable to share; often rethinking traditional methods and combining them with emerging tools.